Groove Om Yoga
Pop up events, festivals and corporate events


Founded by Pip Taverner, Groove Om Yoga has been bringing glitter and sparkle to the yoga scene since 2014.   Fusing the uplifting power of Deep & Disco House music with a dynamic yoga sequence, Groove Om Yoga is a fabulous sequin-filled experience and the alternative night out. It’s your chance to stretch collectively with a vibrant Vinyasa flow class combined with uplifting tailor made DJ mixes and atmospheric lighting.

Pip is an experienced Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher with a knack for pitching her sessions at just the right level of challenging.  Each Groove Om Yoga experience begins with an invigorating warm up, moving into a dynamic yoga sequence that promises to leave you buzzing with feel good vibes.  It’s a social gathering, a chance to meet new people, laugh, feel good and get sweaty.  Suitable for beginners to advanced yogis, all you need to bring is a sense of fun;  leg warmers and spangly leotards are optional but very welcome!

To have Groove Om Yoga at your event please get in touch Pip@tonic-retreats.com